Tweeters for Law Students

I wanted to put together a list for (law) students interested in twitter as to who from the world of law they might want to follow. I did a tweet to garner views. It produced dozens and dozens of recommendations. You can read those here. Here is my off the cuff list of people to follow if you fancy picking up more on the world of law. Apologies to those I have missed out. I did not do academics because I will be in hot water before anyone can say, You do know I am Reviewer 2.

@AdamWagner1 HR/Public law barrister. Currently tweeting furiously on the legality of Coronavirus regulation in particular. A fine public education person for the profession on human rights law in particular.

@AlexHamiltonRad Jerry Maguire of big law, a pragmatic, data driven, innovator in the field of contract law. I know, your pulses are racing, right? Occasionally very rude about blockchain.

@Barristerblog Excellent blogs on criminal law and justice

@BarristerSecret Anonymous blogger who’s books have led to fame and fortune. Does very good blogs on criminal justice in particular. No one knows who they are. Pretend they are Keir Starmer, they find that hilarious.

@BPTC_Lecturer Barrister, often gives careers and learning advice, as well as cooking tutorials. Obsessed by fried chicken

@BrieQC One of the finest the Bar has, does amazing work behind the scenes. A role model for all of us: smart, kind, and supportive, Rides motorbikes I believe. I have done stand-up comedy with her. Don’t ask, won’t tell.

@CivilLitTweet Banjo player and civil litigation – need I say more.

@CrimeGirI I taught crime girl. Allegedly. I need that on a tee-shirt. Hilarious tales from criminal law.

@DanNeidle Excellent, hard headed tax lawyer. Challenging preconceptions and policies on tax law.

@davidallengreen Media lawyer who has taken to blogging/tweeting and provides a dyspeptic but acute commentary on many issues of the day.

@ddenissmith Founder of legal service firm Obelisk, a pathbreaker, who set up the the 100years charity promoting women in law. If law firms are broken, Dana may be the person to fix them. Very good on commercial practice, diversity and working well.

@essexbarrister Barrister | Author | Founder @BlackWomenLaw | Making good waves in the world of law and beyond

@Familoo A brilliant family law blogger, both on the law and practice.

@GeoffRimington Cakes. Biscuits. Also a lawyer. Quirky loveliness.

@HeenanRachael Senior Partner at Capsticks (best known for medical negligence work). Rare to see a Senior Partner on Twitter. A very human presence

@JolyonMaugham Love him or hate him a regular fixture on social media. Behind the Good Law Project. Controversial.

@JoshuaRozenberg Established legal journalist, former BBC etc etc. Very good on the establishment views on the justice system

@lbcwisecounsel From Wolverhampton Poly to GC for a big Building Society. Gentle teaser of management cant in the law world.

@LegalBusinessUK My preferred supplier of news on Commercial law firms. Incisive commentary and news stories. The Lawyer and Legal Week also good.

@legalcheek Irreverent legal news site. Unpleasant folks in the comments section aside, seriously give them a wide berth, can break really good stories and is good on getting into commercial law

@legalfutures  I think one of the premiere sites for news about law firms, especially good when looking beyond the City and Big Law. Good on innovation in legal services.

@legalhackette Times legal journalist. Interested in legal aid

@_lesliethomas  Anti-rascist advocate, leading counsel for the Grenfell victims, Gresham Professor of Law

@mikarv and @lilianedwards Data and AI regulation. Lots of cool technical stuff on this crucial area of law.

@richardsusskind Guru of one side of the innovation crowd (the proselytisers, now focusing on online courts)

@seanjonesqc Employment lawyer and the brains behind Billable Hour (a charity scalping lawyers who accidentally brag about themselves for donations to Save the Children)

@suesspiciousmin Social work law. A crucial but underappreciated area of practice.

Feel free to add extras in the comments. And thank you all who shared their suggestions in this thread on twitter. These are just a few off the cuff suggestions. See who they follow, tweet with, retweet for other ideas. Enjoy! It’s a great way of finding out about the world of law beyond the classrooms as long as you play nicely.

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