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Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law and Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the Faculty of Laws, University College London with an interest in teaching and research on the legal ethics, the professions, legal aid, access to justice and the courts.

Béar growls but does not roar: the Bank of England and the remit problem

What does the Charles Béar QC opinion tell us about Lord Grabiner’s investigation for the Bank of England apart from the Bar’s increasing engagement in opinion giving as a form of public advocacy designed to heighten political pressure? He seeks … Continue reading

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Lawyers as Independent Investigators

The director-general of the SFO has vigorously criticised the recruitment of independent experts to investigate criminal behaviour in companies.  In August last year the Times reported him as saying, “the practice risks destroying the evidence needed to put rogue business … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on how lawyers are responding to the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights

UCL’s Centre for Ethics and Law is tonight hosting Professor John Ruggie, leading light on business and human rights and the driving force behind the UNs Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  His work provides a fascinating insight into … Continue reading

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Does experiential learning in law school improve employability?

Should law schools change their curriculum to make graduates from JD programmes more practice read’?  Bear in mind that in the US we’re talking about the JD, and that there is no equivalent of the training contract in the US, so … Continue reading

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Conspiracies around a Sun trial point finger at senior judge(s)?

The Guardian has an interesting story on a retrial of four, including some former or current Sun employees.  To quote the particularly  relevant bits: A decision to remove a judge lined up for a retrial of four Sun journalists has … Continue reading

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In-house media lawyer heading for the spotlight?

An interesting Independent story on the Mirror’s Hacking travails has the barrister for the claimants, David Sherborne, making an allegation in open court that earlier public statements relating to phone hacking made by senior Trinity Mirror individuals were “knowingly false”.  The Independent … Continue reading

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Grabiner is both right and wrong to resist the money question

Lord Grabiner’s cross-examination by the Treasury Select Committee provides an interesting opportunity to reflect on barristers, costs and the influence of money on lawyers.  Jesse Norman MPs cross-examination is a tussle about how the two gentlemen interpret a conversation about market manipulation … Continue reading

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