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Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law and Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the Faculty of Laws, University College London with an interest in teaching and research on the legal ethics, the professions, legal aid, access to justice and the courts.

Irresponsible by Design – NDAs as an example and how SRA ‘investigates’

Watching the Women and Equalities Select Committee evidence this week on NDAs (see here) a couple of thoughts struck me which may be worth mentioning. Firstly, the evidence of the City partner portrayed an interesting, common attitude among lawyers. The point … Continue reading

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NDA Evidence to Select Committee

I have submitted evidence to the Commons Women and Qualities Committee. I was going to do a quick summary but Legalfutures beat me to the punch and probably did a better job of it too. Lest anyone think I am … Continue reading

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NDA hearings: Perkins, Mansell and the Missing Man

I tried last night to tweet points of note from the evidence given by Zelda Perkins (complainant against Weinstein); Mark Mansell (Partner, Allen & Overy, drafter (in part at least) of the now infamous NDA; and others in the Now … Continue reading

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DoNotLie – A quick post on ChatBot ethics

I was taking a look at one of the most famous chatbots, DoNotPay, today to prep some thoughts on lawtech for a talk I am giving next week. I thought I would try it out. When asked what I could be … Continue reading

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NDAs: Time to take abusive defence seriously

Thanks to the excellent work of the Financial Times, nondisclosure agreements are in the news again. We know relatively little about the NDAs in the Presidents Dinner case, other than an allegation that the waitresses were asked to sign them … Continue reading

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ABS simpliciter

The Gazette is reporting that the SRA, “has rejected the suggestion that innovative business structures present a greater risk of financial failure.” And in particular have said, or rather Crispin Passmore their Executive Director has said, that, “alternative business structures listed on the stock … Continue reading

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US, UK firms and the modifying of lockstep: a response (Guest Post)

I wanted to respond to the Lawyer Watch note about profit enhancement in firms and its impact on ethical behaviour. Because I do not want to be seen to be betraying confidences this is anonymous, but I spent long periods … Continue reading

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