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Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law and Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the Faculty of Laws, University College London with an interest in teaching and research on the legal ethics, the professions, legal aid, access to justice and the courts.

What to make of the SRA’s Independence Survey?

The SRA’s polling data which – I would say impressionistically – has garnered unusually high levels of media interest outside of the legal press – is worth a quick look. I’m not sure how relevant it is to the current debate … Continue reading

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Background statistics

The background of trainee solicitors in the larger City firms is under scrutiny again this week.  The Times (£) reports a piece of research done by Chambers suggesting on their sampling (which it is difficult to scrutinise from the story): 69 per cent … Continue reading

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Stripping down to improper advice?

Bloomberg published an interesting story reporting that Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and Slaughter and May’s are of interest to U.S. prosecutors, “asking whether [the] two law firms gave Standard Chartered Plc improper advice as they steered the bank through a sanctions-violations … Continue reading

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2016, Artificial Intelligence and the Year of Circumspection

A fascinating story in today’s FT by Richard Waters asking whether Watson can save IBM (it is pay-walled but well worth a read). IBM’s Watson is the much known and increasingly heavily marketed IBM artificial intelligence phenomena. It beat real humans … Continue reading

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Severe criticism of style or inadequate defence?

Ekaireb, R v [2015] EWCA Crim 1936 (16 December 2015) has got the press interested for its criticism of a criminal Silk and the suggestion that the Lord Chief Justice has referred him to the BSB for an inappropriate website. The … Continue reading

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SQEal – some initial thoughts on Training for Tomorrow

The SRA has released its long awaited consultation on the future of the solicitors’ qualification, as part of its Training for Tomorrow work.  It prays in aid widely varying LPC pass rates, uncertainty about the comparability of law degree courses and grades, … Continue reading

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Big Law: Don’t you believe your own hype?

There are some rather eye-opening figures on a poll conducted by AdamSmithEsq about the perceived ability of US firms to ‘cross serve’ current clients.  Given that one of the key justifications for having larger law firms is that, through economies … Continue reading

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