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Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law and Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the Faculty of Laws, University College London with an interest in teaching and research on the legal ethics, the professions, legal aid, access to justice and the courts.

Sleepy, hollow? Innovation in Law Land

The Enterprise Research Centre has done some interesting work for the SRA and LSB on innovation in legal services.  It uses metrics developed in management science to explore the extent and nature of innovation in legal services in England and … Continue reading

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Corporate Lawyers Symposium: You’re not expensive, you’re not trusted?

Last week I attended a Symposium on Corporate Lawyers organised by Steven Vaughan and his colleagues at CEPLER.  It was a great event, bringing together a wide range of academics working on corporate lawyers alongside a fair few from corporate practice. … Continue reading

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Time to invert the law degree?

Whether you get enough law from your law degree to get you started isn’t perhaps the best test to judge the value of the GDL or the law degree but this @legalcheek story (quote below) reminded me of a discussion … Continue reading

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Ethics and Compliance: How can IHLs and COLPs be more effective?

LRN has published a very interesting report on ethics and compliance within corporates, the 2015  Ethics and  Compliance Effectiveness Report, which is of broader significance.  It particularly focuses on the vexed issue of whether it is better to separate the … Continue reading

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Show me the money: Financialisation #101

The Lawyer have done a very interesting survey on lawyer salaries with a very large response (6,000+).  The results on apparent gender disparities  are particularly interesting.  In this context it can be regarded as useful light being shone on the practices … Continue reading

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Lord Hoffmann and the Smoking Gun

So (h/t Gregg Callus) there is a very interesting story in the Scotsman about potential impending tobacco litigation.  Philip Morris wants, we are told, to claim £11bn for the forthcoming requirements that death sticks have to be sold in plain … Continue reading

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A right to be understood?

Following up on yesterday’s post where I got to trot out a minor interest in readability scores, I saw this on twitter (courtesy of Prof Ed Cape) about whether rights to remain silent are understood.  You can read it here … Continue reading

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