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Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law and Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the Faculty of Laws, University College London with an interest in teaching and research on the legal ethics, the professions, legal aid, access to justice and the courts.

Hillsborough: it was absolutely important that no facts were hidden

I have written before on the solicitor instructed by South Yorkshire Police in the aftermath of the the Hillsborough disaster.  The Independent Panel report made a number of  criticisms of the conduct of evidence management for the Police, especially (although … Continue reading

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Public Access Research – a couple of quick points

The Bar Standards Board and the Legal Services Board have jointly published a consultants project into public access (the system under which barristers may see client’s directly rather than being instructed through professional advisers, especially solicitors). …there appears to have been relatively modest … Continue reading

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Specifically instructed: Don’t be a tool?

As a young lawyer, in the seventies office block that housed Sheffield’s County Court, I remember a small epiphany.  It involved discovering the import of the phrase, “I am specifically instructed.” I was only just out of law school, a wet behind the … Continue reading

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ABSs not cheaper

Some interesting research conducted for the Legal Services Board by OMB Research has caught a few headlines.  It’s on an interesting topic, is the liberalisation of legal services stimulated by the Legal Services Act leading to a better deal for … Continue reading

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The end of low-qualified lawyers?

Deloittes 2016 report [Developing legal talent: Stepping into the future law firm] has garnered some attention for suggesting a ‘tipping point’ is coming to the legal profession as early as 2020.  In truth, as interesting as the report is, it has not really … Continue reading

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Professionalism and Ethical Leadership From General Counsel’s Suite

A Guest Post by Azish Filabi and Jim Lager Maybe it was easier in the old days for in-house lawyers to be the de facto conscience of their client organizations. Lawyers have a keen sense for the peril and risk … Continue reading

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More than a footnote on legal professional privilege

Lord Neuberger, in a recent short speech, provides some interesting insights in to the problematic world of legal advice privilege (LAP), but he does so with one eye closed.  Let me explain.  He begins with this: Although the need for … Continue reading

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