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Cab Rank Rules or Bar Room Brawls?

The late lamented Bobby Robson once said of Craig Bellamy, he could start an argument in an empty room with himself that lad. And I am left with that same feeling myself on reading the recent newsletter from Chair of … Continue reading

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Access to Justice and ABS: Salvation on its way?

It is a depressing time for access to justice.  Legal aid is being cut; the more general market for legal services is depressed; and – if Jackson and the legal aid cuts have the predicted effect – it about to … Continue reading

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Time to collect settlement data for personal injury cases?

Richard Zorza’s an excellent and prolific blogger on access to justice in the US. He has highlighted an issue around settlement mills in personal injury cases. We’d call them factories. He’s drawing on a paper by Nora Engstrom. Interestingly, there … Continue reading

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Litigants in Person: making the best of a bad job

The Civil Justice Council Working Party on Self-Represented Litigants has reported.  It’s an excellent report, contains a range of potential improvements to the way courts and judges work with litigants in person, whilst not pulling its punches on the potential … Continue reading

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The Family Justice Review: ‘Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good headline’

Guestpost: Network on Family, Regulation and Society (The Network is an inter-disciplinary group of social-legal researchers in Family Law from the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter)* It was no doubt inevitable that the media coverage of the recommendations from the … Continue reading

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Norgrove highlights flawed legal aid plans

The Family Justice Review Final Report (The Norgrove Report) is out.  It contains a wide-ranging set of proposals but given my interest in legal aid and litigants in person, and the limited time I have had to look at it, … Continue reading

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A Welsh Jurisdiction? Time to experiment??

I confess to some ambivalence about the Welsh Government’s announcement that they are pondering greater steps towards a Welsh Jurisdiction. My main intuition is this is something which is good for Welsh lawyers (and so for Welsh law schools), but … Continue reading

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