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(Wannabee) Law Students: One graph which signals your future

Law Students are not renowned for their love of maths. But in the SRA’s consultation paper on minimum salaries there is one very important graph which illustrates a very important phenomena about lawyer salaries. Every law student should spend a … Continue reading

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Minimum Salary: In real trouble this time

Every time there is a recession, the solicitors’ profession likes to reconsider minimum salaries for its trainees. For a while this was a kind of annual sport. Chairs of the Trainee Solicitors’ Group and the Young Solicitors’ Group Lawyers (I … Continue reading

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Bar Barometers, Aptitude Tests and THOSE numbers

With the Bar Standards Board releasing its (second) annual statistical report or Barometer as they more elegantly describe it, and the legal journos picking up on the increase in those applying to do the BPTC, it occurred to me now … Continue reading

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A quiet word about how to focus on student fees

I am getting a little gentle criticism on twitter for posing this question: So is the story that law school applications have fallen or that they have fallen by significantly less than undergraduate subjects generally? Both stories are true, although … Continue reading

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Law students and lawyers…

As part of my class on Lawyers Practice and Ethics I ask students each year a few questions about their attitude to lawyers. This year I began the first class with a word association game, asking the students to think … Continue reading

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