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Hackgate VI: The Plot Thickens, Like Concrete

So Julian Pike, Partner at Farrers, is in the news again following a Newsnight scoop which suggests that he has had a role in the surveillance of lawyers opposing him in Hacking related claims.  The Lawyer puts it like this: … Continue reading

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Hackgate V: Lawyers – a duty not to mislead?

There’s another story in the Guardian about Hackgate, suggesting a deepening of concern over  Julian Pike (of Farrers) revelations to the DCMS Select Committee (see my post on that here).    The key allegation appears to be this: In correspondence seen … Continue reading

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Hackgate IV: Farrers – an ethical error?

According to the Guardian report of yesterday’s DCMS select committee hearing, a partner in Farrer & Co,  Julian Pike has admitted that he knew his client, News International was misleading Parliament but has indicated that he could do nothing about … Continue reading

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Hackgate III: some possible implications of Harbottle’s release

It appears News International have waived confidentiality to permit Harbottle & Lewis to talk to Parliamentary Commitees and the Police. There appears to be some doubt about the terms of that release (the Lawyer reports it in the following terms … Continue reading

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Hackgate II: the Lawyers Fight Back

Lawyer’s involvement has developed as an important element in the Hackgate story. The Evening Standard reported in yesterday’s edition some in News International being angry at the advice received from their lawyers. The BBC’s Robert Peston is reporting via ‘a … Continue reading

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Hackgate: where were the lawyers?

US scandals (Watergate, Savings and Loan, Enron and latterly Lehman) have tended to prompt the question: where were the lawyers? Indeed, Watergate is widely credited with being the first crisis to prompt a flourishing of legal ethics scholarship. Interestingly, this … Continue reading

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