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In-house media lawyer heading for the spotlight?

An interesting Independent story on the Mirror’s Hacking travails has the barrister for the claimants, David Sherborne, making an allegation in open court that earlier public statements relating to phone hacking made by senior Trinity Mirror individuals were “knowingly false”.  The Independent … Continue reading

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Hackgate and SOCA: time to look at the lawyers?

Allegations that lawyers are at the forefront of illegal hacking have provided the majority of the press with (another) Leveson bashing story. The extent of the scoop, and the problem with the Leveson failed to investigate stories, are covered here … Continue reading

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Crone, Myler, Murdoch and the What the Hell was Going on Question

I have written a number of posts on the lawyers’ roles in the Hacking saga.  Rather  than re-rehearse the ins and outs, interested readers can read those posts by clicking here.  Lord Justice Leveson’s analysis of two aspects of the … Continue reading

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Hacking*: Is Litigation Funding Compromising the Lawyer Client Relationship?

There’s a very interesting story from Roy Greenslade on the Guardian about journalists arrested in the ongoing hacking investigations. If his informants are right then there is a serious risk that News International funding of employee defences is compromising the … Continue reading

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Hackgate IX: Discovery Problems

One would have hoped by now that lawyers connected with the hacking saga would have learned to be a bit more careful about how they review emails and yet, somewhat surprisingly, comes the news that Linklaters appear to have omitted … Continue reading

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Leveson, Murdoch and Burton Copeland: One more smoking gun?

At Leveson today, Rupert Murdoch, somewhat surprisingly, denied knowing that Burton Copeland could not disclose the fruits of their investigation because their clients (NI/NGN) had not waived professional privilege. Surprising because he had a very clear grasp of what he … Continue reading

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Hackgate VII: Some more questions…

The Guardian has run an interesting story on the deletion of apparently relevant evidence in the Hackgate cases: the Mysteries of Data Pool 3.  Key points appear to be: “…Murdoch’s Management and Standards Committee has now handed them what may … Continue reading

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