Lawfest, a reminder

A little conversation on twitter is brewing around Paul Gilbert’s immaculate creation, LawFest. I have floated the possibility of a virtual version. @jezhop has taken up the cudgels if anyone might be interested.

I was asked by some, what was Lawfest. Here was my take.  Here is Brian Inkster’s comprehensive take. Wringing such praise from Brian is impressive indeed.

The conversation was prompted by this blog from Paul. Anybody who knows Paul adores him. It is not too strong a word. And the team he assembles for his LBC events are an incredible bunch. Read his post. Read his blog. Luxuriate in the ideas LawFest prompted.

We are in for a bumpy ride. Other things are much more important than this. But as I said last night… Take a moment to honour love, peace, creativity, kindness, and rebuilding.


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