Moving on…

After seven extremely happy years at UCL I will be moving on in September to become Head of Law at the University of Exeter. For the press release, I said the following. Blog readers will recognise many of the ideas, I hope!

I am really excited to be joining the University of Exeter Law School. It’s a revitalised school with emerging strengths in three areas critical to the future of legal education and research: the increasingly global nature of law; the regulation of digital worlds; and the increasingly evidence and design-based nature of law and lawyering.

A globally engaged, digitally-aware, evidence-based focus to legal education and scholarship is critical to the excellence of law students and law schools. Exeter is already building in these areas on strong foundations of mainstream commercial and European legal thought and history.

I also think Law School values are important. The academy has a job to do in maintaining trust. Exeter’s staff and students build great bridges with local communities through their pro bono and outreach work. Access to justice is vital. And universities and law schools need to lead on diversity at all levels, especially those within our own control. I am absolutely committed to that.

Finally, like Exeter’s terrific family law researchers, I believe in bringing constructive challenge to the professions, the courts, and policy makers. The academy can offer challenge and sometimes leadership to the legal world if we do a better job of engaging with them.

3 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. Congratulations, Richard! A good move for you and Exeter. think you may be following in the footsteps of my friend, Kim Economides. If so, does that mean that your subsequent move would be to Australia?

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