There’s something about Jolyon and Lucy…

I’ve either been offline or beavering away on something else hence the long silences but I wanted to draw readers of the blog to two very personal blogs which deserve, I think, a very wide audience. They come from two of the best blawgers – a term I use advisedly for they were also from that era when ‘blawging’ was a thing. They both seem to me to be exceptionally honest bloggers, in the sense that they are engaged in a very personal, open and reflective search for the truth about whatever it is they are writing about and seem to me to be on a bit of a journey. Whatever that pseudo-Californian noun might mean. They are also, as anyone familiar with their work will know, astute and experienced. Anyway, this is their

Anyway, this is their backstories. A fascinating story of two somewhat unusual journeys to the Bar. I hope somehow we see more of these; but not many could write them like this – even if they had the material. So for now, I suspect, we’ll have to make do with these exceptional examples :

Oh, and I think Jolyon is wrong about, or rather under emphasises, class: “we’re” not too fixated on it, many probably aren’t fixated enough on it (Universities included) even if some are fixated on it in the wrong way (the unmentionable Katie amongst them). But still, what a story! And imagine airing these words about your father all these years on. Imagine having the carbon copies to hand on your shelf. And imagine being the lawyer writing them, and think again before you next write to your opposition (or write a blog in anger, or… you get the picture).

I have the dignified letters she [his mother] wrote to him [his father]. “I do not expect you to marry me”, she says in them, “but you need to know I am pregnant”. They sit on my shelf next to carbon copy responses from his lawyers. “Our client denies paternity”, they say, “but will make a nuisance payment of £5 a week until she marries”.


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