A call to academics: law, technology, and access to justice in UK law schools

Roger Smith has written a challenging post on the teaching of innovation and lawtech in the UK.  I urge you to read it. Law schools should do more, but I think they Roger’s post is limited in the sense that it does not demonstrate much awareness (if any) of what is actually happening in this country around teaching law students about law, innovation technology. That’s disappointing, but rather than complain or tell you all what awesome things we already do at (say) UCL, I thought it might be an idea to do something a bit more constructive and less self-aggrandising.

So I am asking you, if you are in legal education, to help me collect some information on what is already happening in the nation’s law schools (and I am defining nation as meaning the UK here but really would be delighted if others wanted to join in).  If you are willing (and you can provide your information confidentially) I will publish a summary and if you are keen, I will try and organise a way of bringing all those interested together to discuss progress and problems in this area.

So if you teach or oversee activity in legal education on innovation or technology in legal services please fill in this survey.

One thought on “A call to academics: law, technology, and access to justice in UK law schools

  1. Dear Richard,
    So happy for your call, i am totally interested.Let’s keep in touch and share some ideas and articles regarding your call.
    My best wishes,
    Judge Taher Aboueleid
    LL.M. International criminal law
    Legal education reader

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