Time to invert the law degree?

Whether you get enough law from your law degree to get you started isn’t perhaps the best test to judge the value of the GDL or the law degree but this @legalcheek story (quote below) reminded me of a discussion I had with my Cardiff law colleagues many years ago. I said there would come a time when the Law Soc/SRA would look harder at whether professional entrants knew the basics that the foundation addresses and that it might make more sense to have those subjects taught at the end of the law degree not the beginning. There was an even better educational justification, I thought. The early parts of the degree could be spent engendering a more genuine and wide-ranging interest in the subject and inculcating the key skills of good law graduates.  Also those who decided not to be practising lawyers could continue to broaden and deepen their interests.  Much huffing and puffing ensued about how foundational foundation subjects were; none of which convinced me, but does tend to convince my bretheren. As is usual, I think I was right; but that doesn’t mean I was…

While I have a degree in law, I also have a Graduate Diploma in Law (referred to as the CPE when I studied it), which was a necessary addition to qualify as a solicitor in England & Wales. In my opinion, having been through both the law degree route and the graduate route, the latter is enough law to get you started in practice.
  www.legalcheek.com/lc-careers-posts/ho . . .

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