Employer Funding in Criminal and Civil Cases

An interesting snippet of evidence emerged from the Hacking trial yesterday according to the Inforrm blog.

You have to think about what is worse – her doing a deal with Max which will be perceived as a cover up or indemnifying Mulcaire so that he won’t say anything about NGN. He could say anything and he could say anybody – Chapman said it would certainly be difficult to prove that he was just making up names. Brooks said it would terrible if seen to be ‘buying off’ Max.”

According to the Inforrm blog, the meeting took place in January 2010, between News International chief executive Mrs Brooks, legal chief Jonathan Chapman, NoW lawyer Tom Crone and Julian Pike from the law firm Farrers.  Indemnification refers, it seems, to indemnifying Muclaire for costs he might incur in any civil proceedings which attempted to force him to reveal who instructed him on hacking jobs.

I have written previously about the risks involved in employer funding criminal litigation (as well as earlier here when Roy Greenslade suggested journalists felt compromised by their funding).

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