Are your professional ethics influenced by your values?

This post is really a plea for volunteers to help with an experimental piece of research and teaching I am doing.  I have drafted a survey looking at lawyers’ ethics which is designed to explore whether professional ethical decisions may be related to underlying values.   I am mainly doing it to assist with some teaching I am doing with my undergraduate students, but I thought practising lawyers (and indeed others who are not lawyers) might find it interesting, so I am encouraging any readers of this blog to do the survey.  It is here:

[Survey now closed]


There are two surveys one by me and one by reputable psychologists.  Both surveys together take about 20 minutes.  They are fun, I think, and your data is recorded anonymously. Participation is entirely voluntary. The survey is primarily being conducted for teaching purposes (I am using it in a class in the New Year) but if there is sufficient response the results of the survey may be published, but will not identify you. A link at the end of the survey will enable you to request a copy of the results by email whilst still protecting your anonymity.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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