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Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law and Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the Faculty of Laws, University College London with an interest in teaching and research on the legal ethics, the professions, legal aid, access to justice and the courts.

Are you behaviourally challenged?

I finally got round to reading this report from John Maule on the Legal Services Board research pages.  It sells itself a little short with the title: Helping Legal Services Consumers Make Better Decisions: Methods to Identify and Respond to Legal … Continue reading

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Lawyers, let us play

So, recently I did one of the most terrifying and interesting things in my life.  And in a few weeks, you can too.  It was at the incomparably excellent Lawfest, from which the enduring lesson was the power of letting go, … Continue reading

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Thou shall (not) report…

One of my longstanding favourites in the legal services sphere Legalfutures (HT Nick H) have picked up on a comment by Vanessa Davies (Director, BSB) on my last blog pointing our Barristers have a duty to report serious misconduct.  It … Continue reading

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Wild Boys: BSB should act…?

It’s quite a rarity for a practising lawyer to suggest serious unethicality on the part of his or her colleagues, so when it happens it’s worth taking notice.  Often too the allegations need to be carefully circumscribed with the ifs … Continue reading

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Merit will out? Are accountants better at partners than lawyers?

There’s an interesting story on the Big Four which is worth a read for anyone interested in leadership and diversity within professional service firms.  It’s about who makes partner.  The similarities with law firms are interesting, driven, male, workaholic tendencies … Continue reading

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A profession not at ease with itself or the world? Bar’s Working Life Survey

I took a little time to browse the Bar’s working life survey. It’s a large survey. Although it’s not immediately clear how representative it is, almost 3,300 barristers completed it. Here are some of the things I noted (this is … Continue reading

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Judges and Inquiries: do the public trust them?

Now that Dame Butler Sloss has taken the sensible view that she cannot chair the forthcoming Inquiry into child abuse, the debate has turned to who can chair. As we don’t know rather crucial things like what the terms of … Continue reading

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Judges and lawyers ethics: system failure?

Joshua Rozenberg’s got a very interesting miscellany of stories published in the Guardian today featuring: Butler Sloss (not at risk of bias but too old, a body of unattributed judges appear to say – a not entirely comfortable point but … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on the Butler Sloss controversy

Lady Butler Sloss, a former and eminent senior judge, with significant experience through a child abuse inquiry (Cleveland) of matters of child protection has been appointed to lead an independent inquiry into historical child abuse. Interestingly, she relinquished the Diana … Continue reading

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VHCCs: A secret plan to fight inflation?

So there is a rapprochement in the battle over Very High Cost Cases reported here by Catherine Baksi at the Law Society Gazette.  You can click on the link. Not that you’ll be much the wiser (and that’s not to … Continue reading

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